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What Kind of Cardamoms Are There and How Long Do Cardamom Pods Last?

What Kind of Cardamoms Are There and How Long Do Cardamom Pods Last

Cardamom is a spice made from the seeds of several plants in the ginger family. Cardamom can be used in baking, cooking and as a tea. The pods are green when they’re picked and turn brown during storage. The pods are used to make cardamom powder, which is sold as whole or ground seeds.

The shelf-life of the cardamom is long depending on how they are stored. They provide a wonderful aroma to the dishes prepared with them. Cardamoms come in different flavors and sizes. You must decide on which kind you want to buy.

Cardamom Pods

Cardamom pods are actually the fruit of a plant that grows in tropical climates around the world. The pods themselves can vary in size and shape, but they all share a common flavor profile that is sweet, floral and spicy. Cardamom is often used as a spice in dishes like curries and braised meats, but it’s also great for making tea.

Cardamom comes in two varieties: green cardamom and black cardamom. Green cardamom has a milder flavor than black cardamom, which has a more intense aroma and flavor. Both kinds of cardamom will keep longer if stored in an airtight container away from heat sources — like an oven or stove-top — as these can cause them to lose their flavor quickly.

Cardamom pods are the dried fruits of various species of Elettaria plants. There are two main types of cardamom: green and black. Green cardamoms have a milder taste than black ones, but both can be used interchangeably in recipes.

Green cardamom pods are harvested before they ripen and then left to dry in the sun for several weeks before they’re processed into powder or sold loose in bulk bins at natural food stores.

Black Cardamoms have been allowed to ripen before being harvested and dried like green cardamoms but are much harder than green pods because they contain less moisture and more oils than green pods do.

Organic Cardamom Pods

Organic cardamom pods (Elettaria cardamomum) are an essential ingredient in many Indian recipes. Their warm and spicy flavor makes them an integral part of Bengali cuisine, particularly in confectionery and sweets. You can use them whole or ground, but keep in mind that whole cardamom pods are extremely hard and take some time to grind into powder.

White Cardamom Pods:

White cardamom pods are the smaller, lighter-colored cousin of the more familiar green cardamom. They have a more delicate aroma and taste and are often used in baking and desserts. They can also be used in place of black peppercorns or ground coriander.

White cardamom pods are harvested before they ripen, which is why they’re white rather than green like their mature counterparts. They’re usually sold in two forms: whole seeds or ground into powder.

Whole seeds can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to six months or in the freezer for up to one year. Ground white cardamom powder should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for up to one year.

What does organic cardamom taste like?

Cardamom has a sweet, earthy aroma with strong notes of citrus, ginger and mint. It is also sometimes described as tasting like black pepper or eucalyptus. The flavor of organic ground cardamom may vary depending on whether it is fresh or dried. Fresh ground cardamom tends to be bolder than dried ground cardamom, which has lost its pungency through oxidation over time.

Where do I Buy Bulk Cardamom Pods?

There are many places where you can buy bulk cardamom pods. You can buy them online at websites like , Amazon eBay, Spicy Organic and Alibaba. You can also find them in local groceries, but it’s easier to find the exact type that you want if you order online.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of cardamom pod, such as green cardamom or black cardamom, try using the search bar on one of these sites to see what comes up. There’s also an option to narrow down your results by color and size in some cases (which is helpful if you’re trying to find a specific type of pod).

When ordering online, consider buying from merchants who have good ratings on their products and reviews from previous customers so that you know what quality to expect when your shipment arrives at your home or office.


Cardamom is a spice that surely began in the mountains of the Indian subcontinent but actually spread out all over the world. At first, it was used as a spice and then became an important ingredient in making drinks and medicines. Cardamom generally has two types: black cardamom, also known as brown cardamom, and green cardamom. Regardless of its color, cardamom is an excellent ingredient when cooking food. It can be included in rice dishes especially those with coconut milk or in puddings and pies. It can also be used to flavor many savory foods such as stews, curries and dals.