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What is the Difference Between Green and Black Cardamom Pods

What is the Difference Between Green and Black Cardamom Pods

A green cardamom is a type of cardamom that comes from a plant called Elettaria cardamomum, which is native to India. This type of cardamom is also known as false or Indian cardamom. The pods are picked when they are green and then dried in the sun or in the shade for three days, after which they become brownish-black. Green cardamom has a milder taste than black cardamom, but it can still be used in cooking.

Black cardamom pods are picked when they are mature and then dried in the sun or in the shade for five days before being sold. They have a very strong flavor and aroma and are often used in Indian dishes such as curries, rice dishes, and curried vegetables.

The green cardamom pods are harvested before they ripen, and the outer shell is removed from them. Black cardamom pods are harvested after they have ripened and the outer shell has been removed.

Green cardamom contains more essential oils than black cardamom, which makes it more aromatic and flavorful. Green cardamom also has a higher concentration of essential oils than most other spices, including ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Green cardamom is sold whole or ground into a powder. It is used in Indian cooking, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Scandinavian baking. The flavor of green cardamom resembles that of black pepper but is stronger, sweeter, and less pungent than black pepper.

Black cardamom is one of the most expensive spices in the world because it is difficult to harvest and process. Harvesting black cardamom requires manual labor because the seeds are too small to be mechanically collected by machines. Black cardamom can also be grown in gardens or on farms without chemicals or pesticides due to its resistance to pests and diseases, making it an environmentally friendly crop compared to other commercial crops such as coffee or cocoa beans (which require pesticides).

Black cardamom has a sweeter flavor than green cardamom.

Where can I buy green cardamom pods?

Green cardamom is an aromatic spice that has been used in Middle Eastern, Indian, and Scandinavian cuisines for many years. It is commonly used in baking, but can also be used to flavor dishes such as soups, curries, and stews.

Cardamom pods are the fruit of a perennial plant that belongs to the ginger family. Each pod contains numerous black seeds, which are enclosed within a papery covering. When you crush the seeds, they give off a sweet smell that smells like apples or lemons.

Green cardamom pods come from a variety of cardamom known as green cardamom or Elettaria cardamomum. The pods themselves may be green or brown depending on how long they have been dried for and how much light has reached them during this time. Green cardamom has a stronger smell than black cardamom because it has more oils than black cardamom.

Green cardamom is a common spice in Indian cooking and baking. This spice has a sweet, floral aroma and a mild flavor that pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes. It can be found in grocery stores, but it is also easy to grow in your garden or on a balcony.

The pods are harvested when they turn yellow and then dried to bring out their full flavor. They should have a papery outer shell and a hard inner shell that smells like cardamom when cracked open. You don’t need to purchase green cardamom pods if you already have some growing in your garden or on your balcony because the seeds inside will continue to ripen on the plant, eventually turning brown when they are ready for harvest.

You can also buy whole pods from specialty grocers that sell spices by mail order or online. Some stores may also sell them in bulk, so you can purchase as much or as little as you like at once without having to worry about keeping them fresh until you are ready for them again.

How to use green cardamom pods?

Cardamom is one of the most popular spices in the world, and we have it on hand at all times. It’s one of those spices that goes well in almost any dish, from savory to sweet.

We’ve already talked about cardamom pods in our post on turmeric, but today we want to share a few more ideas for using cardamom in your cooking.

Here are five ways to use cardamom:

Make Indian garam masala: This combination of spices includes black peppercorns, cloves, coriander seeds, cinnamon sticks, and bay leaves. For a homemade version, add 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin and 1 teaspoon whole cardamom seeds to 3 tablespoons of ground coriander.

Add cardamom to coffee: You can either steep crushed pods directly in your cup or add a few whole pods after brewing and let them sit with the coffee grounds before straining out into another mug. The flavor won’t be as strong as if you used actual coffee beans instead of ground coffee, but it’s still pretty tasty!

Add cardamom to the tea: This spice goes especially well with chai tea! Just steep some crushed pods in hot milk or water along with cardamom.

Add the whole pods to rice or other grains while cooking them. They will add a subtle flavor to the dish and help with digestion after eating heavy foods like meat or seafood.

Add the seeds (or ground powder) to any warm liquid, such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, for an extra kick of flavor.


Green cardamom is an herb whose leaves and seeds have a distinct taste and fragrance. It is commonly used in cooking as well as for medicinal purposes. The leaves are usually dried, ground into a powder, and used in baking or to flavor tea. The seeds are often used whole or crushed in cooking.

Green cardamom has a warm, slightly sweet flavor with citrus undertones. It also has a strong smell that’s reminiscent of ginger and cloves.

The herb is native to India and Sri Lanka but can now be found growing in many countries around the world, including Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Brazil.

The fresh leaves of green cardamom have been used for centuries as a digestive aid by Ayurvedic practitioners because they contain essential oils that promote good digestion.


Both green and black cardamom pods have similar, warm and spicy flavors that work perfectly in soups, rice dishes and curries. The great thing about cardamom is that it can also be used to make liqueurs and syrups. The biggest difference between the two flavors is their color. Black cardamom has a coarser taste with more bite to it than its lighter bodied green counterpart. However, the pods are interchangeable to a certain extent, so feel free to use either flavor in any of your favorite recipes.