Organic Aloe Vera Powder 16 oz

  • Fresh USDA Certified Organic Aloe Vera Powder
  • Certified Batch Tested
  • Complete Traceability and Sustainably Grown
  • Verified Gluten Free
  • Product of India but Carefully hand-packed in Texas.
  • Comes in a Resealable Bag


Aloe vera is a polysaccharide and it helps consolidate amino acids to form for the production of collagen. Organic aloe vera powder is best known for gentle use, you can even use this powder in your facial pack.

SOOTHING AND HEALING PROPERTIES: Aloe vera plants contain over 75 active components. Aloe vera leaf contains barbaloin, and other saponins, in greater amounts, which promotes your overall beauty. Its fresh properties help in proper digestion.

NATURAL, PURE & EASY BLEND: Our organic aloe vera leaf powder derived from shade drying whole aloe leaves including internal aloe vera gel. It is 100% pure, all-natural, light brown in color, and with a bitter taste. Our powder is finely ground, evenly textured, and fresh. You can mix it with water, smoothies, soups, and juices.

PERSONAL CARE: Aloe vera contains many nutritional benefits. Due to its numerous medicinal benefits, it is frequently consumed by people to maintain their overall well-being.

100% ORGANIC: SPICY ORGANIC aloe vera powder is USDA certified. It is non-GMO and gluten-free. Aloe Vera, the unpretentious houseplant is a miracle plant, often hidden from view.

REFRESHING PARTNER: Our pure aloe vera is rich in amino acids, vitamins A, F, C, and B. It adds moisture to the skin, helps in maintaining your overall beauty and wellness. Also, aloe vera helps keep you cool.


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